Three singularly like-minded brothers, Sri C. Samundi Gounder, Sri R.Thayappa Gounder, Sri R C Hanumantha Gounder and Sri R C Vadigi Gounder donated a piece of land. A small building was erected with the financial assistance of Rs 500/- each from Sarva Sri Venkatasamy Naidu, Chamundi Gounder, Mylarampatti Gounder, Thayappa Gounder and Rangasamy Naidu. Today the Math is a sprawling complex of more than three acres

The Math has been sanctified by the visits of the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramakrishnananda and Sri Abhedananda in 1906, and Swami Sivananda in 1924 and 1926.   Swami Vishuddhananda, a direct disciple of the Holy Mother, graced the Math in 1919 and formally elevated this Centre to an affiliate of the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur.  Mahatma Gandhi visited the Math in1934 and was immensely pleased with its activities.

Thus the Math, founded in 1908, has been moving from strength to strength under the guidance of distinguished monks as its Heads.


In and around Nattarampalli there is no area of service where the imprint of the Math cannot be seen. To cite a few:

Spiritual Activities
Rural Charitable Dispensary
Swami Shivananda Students' Home
Book Stall
Educational Program
Free Special Coaching Centre
Programme for Women Empowerment and Progress
Local Festival

For almost a century now, this center has been serving Nattarampalli and the hundred odd surrounding villages in all spheres, be it flood/ drought-relief, hygiene and health care, family welfare, orphan-care, education, employment and womens' empowerment, etc. It strives towards achieving overall rural development true to its motto - 'For one’s own self realization and for the good of the world'. (‘Atmano mokshartham jagaddhitaya cha’ – the thumb rule given by Swami Vivekananda.)
















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