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About Us, The Ramakrishna Movement

The Mission
The Mission was founded by Swami Vivekananda on Saturday 1st May 1897 with the main aim of serving people in distress and for guiding the future generations in the glorious path of Service. The main object of the Mission is
to carry on in conjunction with lay workers religious, philanthropic and charitable activities looking upon all men, women and children irrespective of caste, creed, nationality, sex and colour as veritable manifestations of the Divine
Though the Math and the mission take up charitable and philanthropic activities, the Math dedicates itself more to the spiritual development of people through service with prayerful attitude. Ramakrishna Math and Mission are controlled by the same governing body, headquartered at Belur Math, Howrah district, West Bengal, PIN – 711202.

Sarada Math
The founding of Sarada Math in 1954 as womens’ monastic wing of the movement is a landmark. Inspired by the same ideals of the holy trinity, they specialize in serving women and children through many centres in India and abroad.

Vedanta Societies
These are the overseas centres from where the Ramakrishna Movement spreads the Universal teachings of the sages of India.

Manava Seva, Madhava Seva
If indeed God had created this world, why should there be so much misery and so much suffering?
This question has been defying the intellect of even learned men down the centuries. The entire creation is just a Divine play – leela – so say the elders. One reaps as one sows is the rule of the game. Sufferings are therefore the result of one’s bad actions just as one is rewarded for good actions or actions of virtue. The suffering person needs succour. On the other hand, there are persons aspiring to know the Truth underlying Creation. It is exactly here that the welfare of the world is reconciled with the spiritual need of the aspirants.
















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