Sri Ramakrishna - Life

Sri Ramakrishna  [1836-1886]


Narendra: Sir, have you seen God?

Sri Ramakrishna: Yes. I see him just as I see you here, only more clearly. God can be seen.

Anyone with even a little introspection will at least be curious, if not excited, by the affirmative reply of Sri Ramakrishna to the basic and most relevant question of Narendra. This will surely prompt him to know more about the life and teachings of the Great Master, Sri Ramakrishna.

Gadadhar, as Sri Ramakrishna was christened by his parents Kshudhiram and Chandramani, was born on 18 February, 1836 in Kamarpukur, a village 60 miles North West of Calcutta in West Bengal. The financially poor Kshudhiram and Chandramani were rich in virtues - endowed with abundant contentment and love; selflessness and austerity; renunciation and purity; charity and kindness.

Kshudhiram visited Holy Gaya. In a dream, Lord Vishnu, the presiding deity, blessed Kshudhiram that He would be born as his son. Around the same time,                  K shudiram’s wife Chandramani had a divine experience in Yogi Siva temple near their house. She saw brilliant waves of light radiate from Lord Siva and flood her being. She felt she was pregnant.  Soon thereafter, Gadadhar was born.

At school, Gadadhar learned to read and write, but soon lost interest in `bread-winning’ education.

The first experience of Cosmic Consciousness was triggered in boy Gadadhar at the age of six. He lost himself in the beauty of a flock of cranes flying across the sky with dark cloud background. The boy fell unconscious and had to be carried home. On a Sivarathri day, he enacted the role of Siva and lost outer consciousness completely.














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