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In due course, Gadadhar became the priest of the Kali temple at Dakshineswar. His intense yearning for God realization blessed him with the vision of the Ultimate Infinity - “a shoreless space of Light, a sea of Consciousness”.

Mata Chandramani arranged his marriage to Sarada, daughter of Ramachandra  Mukhopadyaya of Jayrambati in 1859. The marriage remained unconsummated; but it paved way for the greatest achievement possible.

Initiated by Bhairavi  Brahmani in 1861, Sri Ramakrishna attained perfection in all the sixty-four methods of Tantra. He practised Vatsalya Bhava under the guidance of Jatadhari and also experienced Madhura Bhava.  Totapuri initiated him into Sanyaa and enabled him to attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi according to Vedanta.

Great is to appreciate ‘Mother’ in every woman. Greater still is to look upon one’s wife as mother. Greatest, indeed, is to see the Universal Mother in one’s wife! Sri Ramakrishna worshipped ‘Shodasi’ in the person of his wife as culmination of his sadhanas.

In 1866, Sri Ramakrishna had full realization of Islam after Govinda Ray, a Sufi, introduced him to Islam. In the year 1873, Sri Ramakrishna heard from the Holy Bible, read to him by Sambhu Mallick. On one occasion, as he was contemplating Jesus for three days, he had a brilliant vision of Christ, who merged into his body.

Having thus realized the Truth behind the different faiths, Sri Ramakrishna proclaimed, “As many Faiths, so many Paths”.

“The purpose of life is to realize God” - declared Sri Ramakrishna. His divine play demonstrated the harmony of all religions and helps us understand the relation between man and Nature.

In him we find all ideals fulfilled. He is the glowing example of the Ideal Son, Sadhaka, Devotee, Brahmachari, Sishya, Husband, Householder, Sanyasi and Guru. He is beyond polarities.  Any true aspirant will certainly find convincing and elevating answers to all his problems in the life of the Master.

The great spiritual lineage, the Math and the Mission carrying his name improving the cultural, social and spiritual life the world over, bears testimony to the greatness of Sri Ramakrishna.














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