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You see many stars in the sky at night, but not when the sun rises. Can you therefore say that there are no stars in the sky during the day? O man, because you cannot find God in the days of your ignorance, say not there is no God.
He is born in vain, who having attained the human birth, so difficult to get, does not attempt to realize God in this very life. Seekest thou God? Then seek Him in man! His Divinity is manifest more in man than in any other object. Man is the greatest manifestation of God.
Jiva is Shiva (all living beings are God). Who then dare talk of showing mercy to them? Not mercy, but service, service. For man must be regarded as God.
There is one whom you may call your own, and that is God.
I tell you the truth: there is nothing wrong in your being in the world. But you must direct your mind towards God.
If you say, 'I am a sinner', eternally, you will remain a sinner to all eternity. You ought rather to repeat, 'I am not bound, I am not bound. Who can bind me ? I am the son of God, the king of kings.'
It is said that truthfulness alone constitutes the spiritual discipline of the Kaliyuga (i.e. modern age). If a man clings tenaciously to truth he ultimately realizes God.
All religions are true. God can be reached by different religions. Many rivers flow by many ways but they fall into the sea. There all are one.
A truly religious man should think that other religions also are paths leading to truth. We should always maintain an attitude of respect towards other religions.
Women whether naturally good or not, whether chaste or unchaste, should always be regarded as images of the Blissful Divine Mother.
Money can fetch you bread alone. Do not consider it as your sole end and aim.














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