Sri Sarada Devi - Life

Sri Sarada Devi The Holy Mother  [1853-1920]




God is love and love personified is Sarada.

For all creatures in Nature, the greatest relationship is the mother-child relationship. No medium can adequately express the sublime experience of a motherís love.  With the exception of great beings who have transcended gender difference, the females of all species express their motherly tenderness in varying degrees.  If only one can imagine the aggregate of these expressions, one may get a glimpse of the immeasurable love of the Universal Mother.

The fortunate ones who had met Sri Sarada Devi and the blessed ones who were exposed to her message experienced this love.

She was simultaneously an ideal wife, mother, guru, householder and sanyasini (nun).  At the age of five, she was married to Sri Ramakrishna, older by eighteen years, undergoing a tempest of spiritual sadhanas. The unique marriage remained unconsummated; but became easily the greatest of marriages, the partners supporting each other to reach the highest spiritual realms.

Sri Sarada Devi was a grand companion in the noble mission of Sri Ramakrishna. He in turn worshipped the Divine Mother in the person of his wife and thus demonstrated that marriage need not be an impediment to the spiritual progress of either.















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